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Evil Trees
A Weeping Willow Picture



Flash Internet Version
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Or, Download the Full Screen, Stand Alone version of
Evil Trees

Much Better Choice!! Choose either "Save" or "Run from Site."

Please have patience while downloading, you will be seeing the piece as intended and as will appear on the CD version!

"This piece is only the opening credits!" File size is app. 132k for the internet version and app 500k for the download. Times will vary depending upon your internet connection, modem and our server's connection- cable modem rules! We have tried to take every possible step to ensure that the internet version runs as smooth as possible due to the precision timing of image to audio events. Viewed from your hard drive using the download, the event runs full screen, much smoother, and your mouse will disappear. (Use "escape" on your keyboard to minimize the built-in viewer, or Evil Trees will close itself upon completion.) Evil Trees full length will be available on CD soon. Evil Trees is intended to be used as a learning tool and to inform and educate in a manner that may attract and keep the attention of younger adults and students. Study materials and lesson plan also available with release of CD.

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