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Take the time to enjoy some of the links to pics of all kinds of different things! They have been categorized to help you surf the site easier. There's also some links to places other than my pictures. Take the time after your done. Generally, those don't have links back other than the back button on your browser. Email me from the index page if there's any you like in particular. Maybe I can get you a copy! ; ) Anyway, have a nice trip and thanks for stopping by to visit.


David Ascoli Clothing: Pics by KK Smith for this active wear clothing designer!
A Few Selected Pics of the Ascoli Ladies: A Look at the Ascoli Women
Nature Pics: A few pics of some natural stuff
City Scapes: Some shots inside the city
A Couple People Pics: Some folks goodly enough to pose!
Rock n Roller Hangin' Out : Good friend of mine and one hell of a musician!
A Short Bio: A tidbit or two about me!
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Other Stuff

Writing Samples: Samples of Poetry and Short Fiction

KK's Commentaries: Humorous, Thought-Provoking and Insightful Articles

Way Cool Links: I Think The name Says It All

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