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Facts About KK

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and since have lived in several major cities throughout the country. My photography work is generally focused on individuals and nature shots as you can tell from the proceeding web pages. I have been known to stop in the middle of traffic and along major interstates to get the perfect shot.... have heard many horn honks while doing this!! If you were one of those folks, "sorry, it's all in the interest of better photography!"

I imagine I'm supposed to say more here, but all the rest of it is pretty standard: University of Cincinnati - English Literature; spent some time in the Navy, (made it around the globe a few places); have been married; currently a Floridian again.

I really didn't develop a serious passion for Photography until some time later. Have always been interested in capturing images, but started with Videography. Some friends of mine and myself, made an excellent 30 minute environmental documentary entitled Destruction of Planet. A great piece with an equally great soundtrack. That video project started me down the path. I was bitten, so to speak. From then on, capturing the best angle has been embedded.... or released.

I use very few filters and special effects on my photos allowing the images to speak for themselves. Star filters and other special effect filters are very excellent tools, but I prefer not to use them. At best, I use a haze or polarizer filter. I have not listed with the pictures cameras used, lenses or f-stop settings and shutter speeds. However, should anyone begin to complain, I can include those items of information. Just let me know. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, although you may not notice.

My most trusted camera is an old manual Olympus that I befriended many, many years ago. This old timer gives me enough latitude to capture most all shots and even though I am cranking the reel every time I shoot, I still am quite fond of the thing! The only time I switch is when I want to have more than one film type with me and then I'll bring along a Nikon that has also stood the test of time. Most shots use a 50mm lens and the film speed is normally a 400 ISO Kodak or Fuji brand, allowing me more flexibility and latitude in the field and indoors as well, but this is not set in stone by any means.

My writing varies. I have little option there. For the creative writing, the muse just strikes. It can happen anywhere, anytime. The works pretty much speak for themselves. You'll have to judge them for yourself. The articles are normally upbeat with an attempt at humor.

I appreciate anyone that has made it to this point and want to thank you personally for stopping by and visiting. If you have interest in any of the images or writings, just drop me a line and I will arrange to get one to you somehow. And if you ask me, they're a bargain at twice the price! lol
Again, thanks for stoppin by,
C ya soon,

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